Hot Bay City Car Show

Running now through August 27th at the Bay City Fairgrounds is the Annual Classic Car show.  Its worth the visit.  Some really cool classic cars – great deals and fun new toys. (psst Bock – make sure Tomais goes).

I left with a jet car, a classic steam car, Batmobile, and a 1928 Ford Model A truck.  OH and found a great vehicle for our intrepid explorer friend Ziggy.

VW camper van_001your limo is here.

Have fun and enjoy.

Fair Warning – NEW Molly Bloom Exhibit

Molly Bloom at Paris Metro 7_2_16

I logged in the other day and got a texture dropped on my from the amazingly talented Molly Bloom.  (OMG – Fanboy giddy)  She has a new exhibit opening on July 2nd. I am fascinated by her work.

I needed a slurl (here it is), so i ran off to find the gallery.  And lo and behold I ran into Molly herself (more fanboy giddyness).  She invited me in  to look around. I won’t describe the exhibit. I will let you come and draw your own conclusions.  But just let me say, I am drawn to the illusion of depth that she creates in these masterful images.

The show officially opens on Saturday the 2nd of July.  But you can drop by now.

If you would like to see more of Molly’s work from previous collections, drop by her gallery in the Virtual Chelsea Hotel. Here you will see her amazing work mixing 3d with 2D.  This is truly inspiring.

My Friend, the much honored laird of Southern Charm, the venerable Bock McMillan, stopped by to pay the exhibit a visit – here are his thoughts.

Second Pride

SP Festival 2016I look forward to Second Pride every year.  It’s a chance to hang out with folks that i don’t get to see alot of during the year.  I have said in the past, Its a chance for the community to get together and have fun in a safe and enjoyable environment.

This years Pride is no different.  The entertainment has been great.  Lots of DJ’s that I don’t get to hear during the year.

The Pride team has managed to pull it off and do it well. They have managed to bring a wide variety of groups, entertainers, and creators into one place to “Show Off,” just the way Second Pride was intended. They have been short handed for a couple of years and this year was no different.  I hope that people will come out and enjoy and help keep the spirit alive for the future and those yet to some to Second Life.

Ride the Rainbow to Second Pride.

Favorite things ….

Oh this time one of my favorite things well not a thing but she is one of my favorites  ~ my bestie is with me ~ and one of my favorite places is Calas Galadhon ~ I have been coming to Calas almost…

Source: Favorite things ….

24 hour dance marathon to Benefit Second Pride sponsored by GFW

Gay Fun World is sponsoring a 24 hour dance marathon to benefit Second Pride.

Your ride is here – Dance to your hearts delight


And ya might get a glimpse of HD and his seat less shorts.

HD Butt

Take Up a Hobby He Said!

I was telling Tasty that I get a little bored sometimes when he isn’t here.  He couldn’t understand, we have house in a stunning location adjacent to the Blake Sea.  It allows for boating, sailing, flying and swimming.  We also spend time driving and occassionally jump the train.

But I told him it wasn’t really fun to do those things when he wasn’t here. So he suggested I take up a hobby.  So living in such a beautiful area, I decided to give painting a shot.

my new hobby_001 copymy new hobby_002 copymy new hobby_005 copy

I must give credit where credit is due – the wonderful painting props are by Beolas Whitfield-Ling at [kusshon].  Please stop by and check out his shop. There are some great furniture and prop pieces.   While you are there check out the beautiful eyes by Lano Ling across the way at Poetic Colors.

Complacency can kill you


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