Early Morning BBall

A good start to the day.

Tank and Shorts: Jett Collection from L&B – available this month at TMD.

The Tank and Shorts are brand new separates from L&B available at TMD this month. They are great pieces and come with the great color/fabric options that L&B are known for.

Sneakers:SwearTECH EV-085 from L&B Thiese great shoes are available at the main store for L&B. Also with a decked out hud.

Pose&Ball: Ntb Poses – Bento Basketball Poses (MP purchase)
BBall Court: JGPoses – Street Baskeball (MP Purchase)


Pride month has ended for this year. But Pride goes on all year long. I have been thinking back to a post i made last year. I wanted to share again.

It has been a joyful and exhilarating month. As we remember those who came before us who fought hard for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Miss Marsha P. Johnson for one.  She was one of the prominent forces behind the Stonewall Riots.

Every year there is a celebration of Pride in New York, sponsored by Broadway Cares – Equity Fights AIDS, featuring some of the best and brightest talent on Broadway.  This year Broadway Bares did a stunning celebration of #Stonewall50.

At the end of the performance in the video above please note

“Let us not forget those who came before and on whose backs we stand, We honor them. Those who fought and sacrificed So much we honor them. Those who believed in a better place for us all.  We honor them with PRIDE.

Remember and be thankful. #Pride #PRIDE #Stonewall50 #BCEFA


Copy-bots are a blemish on SL and LL

Linden Lab and Second Life continuing to allow copybot to reside on the grid is a blemish.  There is no legitimate reason for copybot other than to steal the IP of hardworking people.

Copybotters are like credit card skimmers. Legit criminals. By not taking a stand LL is complicit in my my mind of the crime.  LL should perma ban the criminals.

I am aware of a well established creator who is currently having to fight to protect his creations from a 2 month old account.


LL needs to stand up for its creators and do what it is right.

Havoc Jeans and Sweater

I love newness from L&B.

new LandB_001

Today i am showing the Havoc Sweater. Beautifully designed with great knitting.  This beautiful sweater features a fantastic selection of pattern, cable and plain variegated yarn knits – all for Jake, Gianni, Geralt and Slink male mesh bodies! The sweater is available at the December round of TMD.

The Havoc Jeans fatpack comes with another of the signature L&B huds featuring 27 denim colors and graffiti variations.  Has 5 hardware options (not shown) and 12 leather options and 8 buckles options.  Available at L&B.

More to come soon – stay tuned and happy shopping.

#HavocSweater #HavocJeans #Lapointe&Bastchild #L&B

Flat Bock

Every year at Pride, my dear friend Bock, The Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm, prince of Cascade Falls, Sovereign Ruler of the Commonwealth of Southern Enchantment with Monfort l’Amaury (self governing) and Outer Territories, UN appointed Protector of the Mount Whitney Region in SecondLife and pretender to the throne of Macedonia and dependent territories, makes what he refers to as Flat Bock to give away to the masses.

I have displayed a retrospective of them in my store that I am remodeling.  I am calling this Window Dressing.

Window Dressing

#Bock #SecondLife #Laird #FlatBock

Gabe Checked Suit – L&B

From L&B a stylish new suit.  3 Piece Gabe with texture change Hud. Ready for a night on the town.

gage 3 piece check suit

This suit comes with a fantastic hud that lets you personalize all the components.

The trousers, the vest and the jacket come with 9 color/pattern options.  The shirt has 7 fabric options.  The tie 5 options and also can be turned on and off.  The belt on the trousers has 7 color options and 5 hardware options.

To complete the outfit I have paired with L&B Edge Oxford Dress Shoes.

This is definitely a suit you want in your collection.

Happy Shopping.