I am not going to get all fan-boy and shit – but the man was a marvel.  His works were truly inspirational.  I spent many days exploring and just sitting taking in the vastness and the complexity of the work.

I truly miss his creative talent.  His ingenuity, his ability to take you to that comforting place with the simplicity of his settings.  He stopped creating new projects in SL over a year ago.  I just found this picture tucked away, unnamed and in a random folder that had nothing to do with him.

For those of you who do not know who he is – I am speaking of AM Radio. His immersive creations were just amazing.

Thank you Sir for sharing your time in SL with the rest of us to make it a better place for all.

The Word for the day is MESH

Being an avi of my size it is often hard to find clothes that fit properly.  As my dear friend Nigel is quick to point out, I have a great deal more polygons to deal with than most.  So finding mesh that I like and I think fits my avi’s style is often difficult if not impossible to find.

So today, was shopping day for me and my SL son AmazingOtto Eriksen.  We hit a couple sales and then he asked if I knew any good shops with men’s mesh.  With him being a little smaller than me, I thought Kal Rau. (Haven’t located a web page, found the flickr, if anyone knows of one please let me know.)  Some of the clothes there would fit his style.

So we dropped in at the main store of Kal Rau.  Its a very nicely layed out men’s section.  Almost everything has demo’s to try.  Best advice is to get the demo’s to make sure they fit properly.  I got 2 jacket/hoodie combo’s, sunglasses, plaid cargo shorts and joined the group for the freebie.  (can’t pass up a good free outfit.)

We next moved on to looking for shoes.  One of my favorite shops for shoes/boots is Gos.  Love the styling and the quality of the designs of all the footwear here. Couldn’t’ find anything here that worked with my new cargo shorts.  So we moved on.

Connected with Nigel at this point.  Chatted him up and me valuing his styling advice asked what he thought of the outfit. Nigel suggested that Daddy Bear needed some black jeans or black leather jeans to go with the outfit and some nice boots.

Next stop was the Swear section at LaPointe and Bastchild. Found some great jeans.  They come in 9 (countem 9) standard sizes to fit every well almost every size avi in SL.  They come in flat foot and booth length to fit whatever you might be wearing with them. We also looked around the men’s department here – this could be very dangerous to my wallet.

So today’s outfit is a combination of several stops and some items I already had in my inventory.

Lets start at the top:

Hat/Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BILLY DESTROYED C2 ~ Silver Tones VII

Sunglasses: <kal rau> Sport Sunglasses_Mesh

Ear Ring  Made for me by Dodgeguy Woodward

Necklace:  Robot Locket by Siryn Rosse.

Jacket/Hoodie: <kal rau> Casual Blazer M3_Hoodie Size 02 (this jacket comes with a hud to allow for jacket and hoodie color change and texture change of the hoodie strings)

Jeans: L&B Mesh Jeans – Mens – Flats (XL) Smooth Black Boot Cut.

Ring: L&B “Celtic Soul Mate” Wedding Band v1.

Watch : MM Timeworx Sport Clock Steel ALARM 2.01

Boots: [Gos] Aviator Boot – Yeager Fatback – L

That is all – Go Forth and Mesh.

Simply Amazing – New music from SLIMMIE

You might be surprised to learn this, but Daddy Bear loves good electronica, dance, DnB, etc….I am a HUGE fan of Slimmie and Slim GirlFat.  This woman is fierce and she rocks.  If you are not familiar with her please please check out her facebook pages.  She recently worked on a collaboration with Joseph Gray as part of an 80s project.  Very New Wave synth sound.  A little ear candy to end your Friday

Destination Unknown (Featuring Slimmie)

Happy Weekend.

Travelogue: The Carnival of Chaos – “I love good retro part 3”

There is an absolutely great retro run down carnival the easter edge of The Wash.  It is appropriately named The Carnival of Chaos. The main gate is a little suspicious, makes you wonder the people they are trying to attract (notice the no batman sign).

I strolled in and found I was the only one there so took a wander around.  Going to the left found a small tent filled with those classic arcade games from when I was a kid, the ones i was never really good at.

Moving along Bumper cars – OMG where is Tasty this will be fun.  This could be great fun for several people at one time.  The bumper cars are temp rez from a vendor and poof when you stand up.

There are a couple of classic arcade rides here as well a carousel that has seen better days and this lovely classic Ferris Wheel.

Heading over to the souvenir tent I came across these two hungry creatures and just kept moving (didn’t really wanna know what they were eating.

Paid a visit to Zoltar to get my fortune told and he advised it was best to not come here by myself again to bring friends for safety sake, I think probably it was wise advice

The last place i stopped truly lived up to its name The most infuriating maze.  This is quite cool.  Please read the directions on the sign before entering (I didn’t)  Not gonna tell ya more, its worth the frustration.

All in all a fun location.

Ok – go forth and explore, until next time.


As some of you might or might not know, I am a photographer of scenery/landscapes in real life. I shoot what i see around me.  So I tend to do the same in Second Life®.

I have quite a few great photographers that I follow on Flickr.  On of them is Liqueur Felix.  She finds some amazing locations.  i was perving through her stream today and came Grassland Cafe at Noweeta Valley.

Please enjoy.


No I am not going to talk about shapes, or skins or clothes.  I just have a little rant I need to get off my chest.

If you’re gonna throw a contest that is judged in SL – the best thing to do is get a totally impartial judging panel. and have it on a neutral location.  If a judge has worked with or has a working relationship with a contestant, then the judge should recuse themself from voting for that contestant or better yet, they should just take them self off the panel to avoid the appearance of impropriety.  Organizers of contests that have judging like this shouldn’t have any type of stake in the contest.

I am not accusing anyone of anything – but if you are doing any of the above it just doesn’t pass the sniff test..

That is all….back to your regularly scheduled Sunday.

I love good retro…(part 2)

OK now lets talk about clothes.  OMG – I love Hell Bop, its located in a retro movie theatre build on The Wash sim.

Floatie Hock has a great eye for creating stylish retro of all flavors and the detail is amazing, on the clothes and the detail in the artwork and design of the building.  There is a small club adjacent to the store with great retro dance animations as well, thats a fun store for another day.

When you walk into the store you are greeted by the ticket booth, but not to worry its occupied by “Lazy Ass” and he’s almost always sleeping so he won’t notice if you slip by.

The main entrance has great movie poster style images. Currently, mens wear:


OH did i tell you how much I love the logo. I can so see that as a great toy for playing pilot when I was a kid.  But again another story. (grin)

To the right as you walk in is a concession stand style counter.  I keep forgetting to check, but I think you can actually get popcorn.  The group joiner is here and has gifts that work for men and women.

When you walk in the main floor has the mens wear and the unisex clothes.  One of the great things Flo does is design a great deal of her mens wear so that women can wear it if they wish.  She once told me she envisions alot of her designs to remind her of the clothes her grandfather used to wear.  I am not sure the rest of the story.

The second floor is reachable by grand staircase and it has the women’s wear section.  Great outfits, great separates, great mix and match. This is some of the wonderful clothes that will greet you as you come to the top of the stairs.

The sale section is on the third floor, as well as section selling model poses for men and women, full perm sculpty section and a newly opened shoe section for women (I say newly, it was first time I had seen it.)

Now I have saved the best news for last.  There are actually 2 groups for Hell Bop.  One is regular free group that gets updates and free gifts, that joiner is by the door.  The other Hell Bop Addicts, has a joining price of $5000L.   Sounds steep you may say but you get a $5000L gift card on joining and a new card is shipped every 2 or 3 months.  So its like getting the whole store and anything new for free.  The cards are no trans so its limited to the purchasing member only.

I love the clothes here so much that I have joined the Hell Bop Addicts group.  Just wanted to put that out there.

Ok kids that is all go explore Hell Bop and the other stores on the sim.  Next visit to The Wash I will visit the old carnival.