Shameful Behavior of an Anonymous griefer and of LL support

This year marks the 43rd anniversary of the uprising at the Stonewall Inn that led to the push for equality for the LGBT community. There is a very active community in Second Life. Each year the Second Pride organization works very hard to sponsor a festival to celebrate pride.
The pride group spends a great deal of funds to rent 6 sims from LL for a 2 week period. Because of set up time the rental period is close to 3 weeks.
The committee spent several month working hard to draw the community together and show off the positive aspects. The builds are great, the lay out is great. Its visually wonderful to see.
BUT – there is always a But….
Yesterday someone somehow managed to turn almost all the buildings that had been erected in one of the rental sims physical causing them to come crashing down.
A plea was put out by the committee for assistance from LL support. Elijah Linden came on site and appeared to be willing able to roll back the sim a few hours to restore the buildings.
Well I understand a few hours later Whitney Linden refused to do a roll back stating policy that roll-backs are at their discretion and they don’t roll back mainland sims.
EXCUSE ME – this sim was rented and paid for for 2+ weeks, AND its not a regular mainland sim.  Very little is asked of you in return. The least you can do is roll it back/fix it when a disaster of such scale happens. You have no problem rolling back any and all sims when you roll out updates weekly/biweekly.

photo by Avacar Bluestar (lifted from his Facebook stream)

When this picture was published on Facebook at about 5PM SLT yesterday The understanding was that the sim would be rolled back. But not done. Photo by Avacar Bluestar

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