I Love Good Retro

Our new place – shhh – Tasty doesn’t know yet.

Ok I have to admit – I am a sucker for quality retro.  I guess it comes from my deep seeded Kennedyesque sense of Camelot.  I have always loved the late 50’s early 60’s feel and style of clothes, architecture, and stuff.

Lemme tell ya, Daddy is on overload with this one.    I was introduced to artilleri by Nigel Riel when we were discussing a 50s styled photo shoot I wanted to do late last year.

Well I got tired of trying to tweak the house I had been building for oh so long.  So I took the plunge and got re-acquainted with artilleri and all things retro.

This is our little corner of the grid.  We live on the southwest corner of the sim.  Its a wonderful place to call home, variety of landscaping  and terrain. Our parcel goes from the water up to the hills where the breed able horses and dogs hangout.

More great retro to come as I come upon it.

Ok now for the credits here goes:


Trailer: /artilleri/ Waterford trailer *blue*

Chairs : [ba] adirondack chair – teton wood

mailbox: /artilleri/ Minda Mailbox (6 prims) – there is also a fully stuff version with 13 prims.

Flamingo: /artilleri/ Yo, flamingo! nr1 *pink*

fire barrel:  something i built.


Hair: Clipper Cuts – Sebastian – Grey – from Jaryth’s Barber Shop

Glasses: primOptic Fifty glasses 1.19

Wifebeater: HB – Hank – Sheer – from Hell Bop

Trousers: [ h ] Mesh Suit – Black – Pants

Boots: [ h ] Cambridge Boots – Black – Short

Watch: MM Timeworx Sport Clock Steel ALARM 2.01

Ring: .:L&B;. (C)(M) Plati “Celtic Soul Mate” Wedding Band V1

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