Travelogue: ayumura

One of the things i enjoy greatly about SL is being able to explore the world form the security of my desk chair. (My EXTREME fear of flying is another story).

I am always on the look out for interesting sims to photograph. In RL I shoot landscape and architecture pictures. So tend to gravitate towards that. I have been shooting for almost as long as I have been in SL. Most of my portfolio can be seen on Flickr.  (shameless plug).

There are several people that I watch closely to see what they are shooting and how they are shooting pictures, including Stephen Venkman (for just being brilliant), Nigel Riel (for his ability to create mood), Liqueur Felix (for the locations she finds) and Distressed Jewell (for her amazing textures and how she utilizes them into her work.)  They are all very much worth taking a look at if you have a minute.

Ok that leads me to this posting. This morning I took a peak at Liqueur’s stream ad saw her pic from ayumura.  I just had to go visit.  Ayumura is a small estate of 4 sims all with a strong Japanese influence.  From older traditional architecture to new more modern feel.  If you wanna take a visit, your first class ticket is here.

I love traditional japanese gardens and architecture.  This is my shot of the day.

Happy day and enjoy your visit.


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