Mr. Gay Second Life 2012 – Its coming up soon

This years Mr Gay Second Life contest will be held Saturday July 14th.  Here is the official announcment:

This year for the Mr. Gay, 2012 contest,  all GA sims, clubs and organizations as well as all our friends on Gay and Gay-friendly sims, clubs and organizations in Second Life will choose their candidate by voting (or contest) – and advance this representative to the Event Manager, JOA (Joapedro.oh) before the July 8th deadline– and get set to cheer for your favorite at the Mr. Gay, 2012 finals event to be held  Saturday, July 14th ! (can you say ‘sexy sash’ everyone?)

What’s that you say? Prizes? OF COURSE!  The judges on the Mr. Gay, 2012 panel will award the person with the highest scores the title AND a cash purse of L$20,000. Please contact Joa (Joapedro.oh) in-world with questions or to enter the name of your man into the contest!  Hurry, space is limited and the clock is running!

So, to friends in the GA and in Gay estates & clubs grid-wide: It’s time to put on your thinking cap, plan your events and prepare to have a blast as the Gay Archipelago ‘whoops it up’ in the heat of its 5th summer at SummerFest, 2012! – stay tuned for more details and check the GA weblog  for updates.

Now to the important part of this announcement:  Yours truly is entered in this contest representing Club Xtasy.  Here is my official contest picture taken by Joapedro Oh.


photo credit to Joapedro Oh.

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