Travelogue: New England in SL

Ok its summer time in the northern hemisphere, so time to do some traveling.  In RL I live on the coast in New England so it would only be natural for me to be drawn to a representation of it in Second Life.

For those of you who have never been there, the New England estate sits adjacent to the Blake Sea (which is an adventure in itself).  The sims are part of a group called The United Sailing Sims.  The sims are all connected and make for a great sailing adventure.

Today brought me to New England Village on the Marblehead sim. The slurl will bring you to the center of the quaint village and there is lots to explore from there.  Lots of small fun shops to look through, wonderful architecture, including a couple of churches.  As you walk around you will find the remains of Fort Sewell.  As I was walking up the pathway to enter came across a free dinghy style boat that you can use to make your way around the waterways if you don’t have a boat in your inventory.

That is all for this morning.  Happy Travels folks.

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