Sunday Nights in SL, its pretty much a given that…

you can find me at Blow Buddies on the Folsom sim.  Blow Buddies is managed by the one they call the Stud Buster, Jeb Nicholls.  He is worth the visit, all Daddy muscled and leathered up.  He is master at making everyone welcome.  He is usually assisted by Protactinium Thor, who unfortunately isn’t here this evening.  The music/show is provided by the one and only Furiously Infamous DJ Hotboy Lockjaw.

This Party happens every Sunday night from 5PM – 7PM SLT.  Come early cause the place get packed quick  As I am writing this 25 minutes into the party there are already 43 people in the club.  At some point during the evening there is a 5K sploder and usually random prize ball give aways.

Oh and i forgot to mention – lots of HAWT nekid Daddy Bear types.  I took pictures early while folks were still dressed.

Make sure you clear your cache and relog before coming cause ya dont’ wanna miss minute of the fun. Ya will miss sights like this:

DJ Hotboy Lockjaw

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