Travelogue: [Dreaming machine #1]

As you guessed I like to look around.  I had planned to give you a tour of Kowloon, but we will save that for you for another day.  I landed at the main gate at Kowloon and saw a poster advertising the full sim installation for spring and summer by Yooma Mayo called [Dreaming machine #1].  Located at LEA15.  I love great full sim immersive installations.  I love checking out different anglescause you will never know what you will see.

Its hard to describe the installation.  There are so many things to see.  Probably best to give you the words of the artist:

Note (Scribble)
1:There is a machine who is dreaming.
2:”Machine-like creatures” & “creature-like machines” standing in that world.
3:Dry or Wet?
4:Feelings of the machine is drifting into the atmosphere ambiguous.
5:One night or eon time?
6:Machine’s memories ooze into flow of the obscurity light.
7:Machine will still dream.
8:The world will change little by little with color and shapes.
9:Dreaming machine is always on your side.

Happy travels and enjoy.

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