Travelogue: The Carnival of Chaos – “I love good retro part 3”

There is an absolutely great retro run down carnival the easter edge of The Wash.  It is appropriately named The Carnival of Chaos. The main gate is a little suspicious, makes you wonder the people they are trying to attract (notice the no batman sign).

I strolled in and found I was the only one there so took a wander around.  Going to the left found a small tent filled with those classic arcade games from when I was a kid, the ones i was never really good at.

Moving along Bumper cars – OMG where is Tasty this will be fun.  This could be great fun for several people at one time.  The bumper cars are temp rez from a vendor and poof when you stand up.

There are a couple of classic arcade rides here as well a carousel that has seen better days and this lovely classic Ferris Wheel.

Heading over to the souvenir tent I came across these two hungry creatures and just kept moving (didn’t really wanna know what they were eating.

Paid a visit to Zoltar to get my fortune told and he advised it was best to not come here by myself again to bring friends for safety sake, I think probably it was wise advice

The last place i stopped truly lived up to its name The most infuriating maze.  This is quite cool.  Please read the directions on the sign before entering (I didn’t)  Not gonna tell ya more, its worth the frustration.

All in all a fun location.

Ok – go forth and explore, until next time.

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