Travelogue: GRASS ROOTS

It’s always fun finally getting to visit a place you have only heard about.  This happened for me yesterday.   I had heard that Cupric Router   and Jagger Naughton had established a fun outdoor venue in the back yard party spot.  Well I finally got to make it to GRASS ROOTS yesterday.  What a fun place. It’s set up on a hill in a small field.  Its got everything you would need for a back yard party with friends, a stage, some folding chairs, and an outhouse just in case. (Psst Coop – Where’s da beer and the grill? a fella can work up a little bit of a hunger and a thirst groovin to your tunes)

Jagger is usually up on the stage stirrin up some naughtiness but on this day was MIA. (edit – I guess I had just missed him – that dang RL called him away.) (edit – got a piccie of Jagger just snuck it in here).

This Saturday was a little bit of mellow as Coop was recovering from the “Crud.” He still put out his usually sexy voice to set the mood for the morning.

So that was my Saturday morning.  The GRASS ROOTS shows are every Saturday morning at 9AM SLT.

To keep up on the groovin at GRASS ROOTS, please like the DJ Cupric and the Groove Grinders page on Facebook or join the group in world.

Ok Daddy Bear is out for now.

Its time for the Cart Sale at The Wash

It’s time for the biannual Cart Sale at The Wash. To quote one of my favorite SL entertainers, Hallelujah and Glory Be.  For those of you who have never experienced this fun event, its 85 content creators gathered in one place displaying selected wares on carts lining the streets of The Wash. Oh did i mention everything is $10L or less.

For a list of vendors please check out the blog for The Wash.  There is clothes for men and women from a variety of designers and styles.  But there are also jewelry, builders supplies, plants (omg I just found an offsim Waterfall). OMG – mesh boots, just saying.

Lots of things for everyone.  So do yourself a favor and stop by for a look around.