Daddy Bear does L&B Tux

OK look below – I rock this tux. But more about me later on (grin).

First right to the point. For an avi of my size its often hard to find a nice variety of mesh clothes.  My favorite fashion maven, Nigel Riel, turned me on to the mesh wear being designed by  Paul Lapointe at Lapointe & Batschild a few months back.  Lemme tell ya, Paul Lapointe makes hot mesh clothes.  He thinks of all the details and includes many size options and for some items a texture change hud.

Let me tell you he has made a GREAT tux.  On Friday the 21st L&B released “Open Modern Black Tuxedo.”  The styling and textures are rich and highly detailed. The tux comes with a hud to mix and match pieces.  You get to choose trim on the jacket and trousers (4 options for each), vest color (4 options) and tie/pocket square color (4 options).  The tux comes in four color palettes; slate, claret and cream.

And to make it even better, on Sunday the 23rd, they released two special edition versions, the color palettes are ocean and hermitage.  What is great about this is the hud puts together 4 looks for you and also lets you mix and match the individual pieces.  Oh and the special edition has 4 shirt options as well.

The following is from the L&B website “Once you have your Mesh Modern Black Open Tuxedo you will soon only need to buy an Add On HUD to change any of its parts colors and textures be it vests, ties or shirts.The Add Ons will have a range of colors in each set for you to play around with and  will stay at our 199 L price tag.”  That is great news – I can see this tux being the staple in formal wear for quite sometime.

Oh yes – almost forgot – you might want to see this.  I purchased the special edition in ocean.  Damn I rock this.  (grin)  My apologies to Paul – the pic in the bottom left corner doesn’t do it justice.

tux compile copy

Happy Holidays from Daddy Bear and a Little Travelogue – tou-Gen-kyo

I am always on the look out for fun items to wear for the holiday season. and this year the prize goes to VITAMEN and Gabriel.  I saw posting on Facebook from the brilliant Vitamen Hax 

It was for his Holiday Gift at the GA Winterfest.  Had to run and find it.  You will find it in the cave/booth for tou-Gen-kyo.  tou-Gen-kyo is a beautifully designed adult gay male sim owner by Takeshi and Sin Bigbear.  It has shopping, featuring the adult collection from VITAMEN, OHJUMA-YA (Sin Bigbear owner), Tsuchino Co Ltd (Tsuchinoko Voom owner), H<>W (weechee zinner owner), Dirty (Aizen Arentine owner), Rouki (Rouki Furse owner), SCS (Spike Clemenseau-Silent owner) and HOTDIVE (HOTDIVE Core owner).  These are just some of the great vendors/creators you can find here.  You can keep up on the happenings at tou-Gen-kyo by following their blog. But I digress. Back to the reason for going to GA Winter Festival.

I have been a fan of Vitamen Hax for long time. Since i first stumbled into his store back at an earlier version of Boystown. He makes great underwear and had a great line of clothes with prim attachments.

He has outdone himself yet again.  he has offered up an amazing mistletoe and holly thong and cockring.  You will also find several other gifts at the booth at Winterfestival.  I have paired the thong with Santa Hat and white fur stole from GABRIEL.

vitamen_001 copy


One advantage of being in SL for so long I have an absolutely HUGE closet.  I periodically go through my clothes and put random outfits together.  Today is very relaxed hangout day.outfit 12-7-12_001

Styling Card:

Hat/Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BILLY DESTROYED C1 ~ Silver Tones V

Glasses: primOptic Fifty glasses 1.19

Skin: ATOG – 002 – T3 – Goatee – Hair by Wavie Haller (Sacred Skins)

Shirt: DMC Griffin Crest Tank Untucked by Dragontat Zagato

Tattoo: B*FLY – Biomech Mesh Sleeve – Faded  (Thats right kids mesh tatts – I am wearing just one arm. – how cool is that)

Pants: JW – Well Equipt Baggy Waist Sweat Shorts (Gray)

Shoes: Water Babies -Black Ying Yang Flip Flop

Have a great day!.

My Tasty Babe

As I said earlier this week, Thursday was our anniversary.  I count myself blessed and lucky to have Tasty as party of my SL.  He has snuck a little into RL also (grins).

tasty_001 copy

I have been fortunate to have had relationships in SL that lasted for some length of time.  But this one. OH MY.  He make my heart race, the blood surge, skin tingle.  Get what I mean?  I look forward with great anticipation him coming in world.  He makes me smile and laugh all the time.  And the fact that he is so damn purdy helps alot.

We got to go out dancing last night at Joseph and Paul’s anniversary party at 3Bears.  The whole time i was thinking of him and all the fun we have had and will have.

us_001 copy

Thank you MINE. ❤ U more than you know.