Daddy Bear does L&B Tux

OK look below – I rock this tux. But more about me later on (grin).

First right to the point. For an avi of my size its often hard to find a nice variety of mesh clothes.  My favorite fashion maven, Nigel Riel, turned me on to the mesh wear being designed by  Paul Lapointe at Lapointe & Batschild a few months back.  Lemme tell ya, Paul Lapointe makes hot mesh clothes.  He thinks of all the details and includes many size options and for some items a texture change hud.

Let me tell you he has made a GREAT tux.  On Friday the 21st L&B released “Open Modern Black Tuxedo.”  The styling and textures are rich and highly detailed. The tux comes with a hud to mix and match pieces.  You get to choose trim on the jacket and trousers (4 options for each), vest color (4 options) and tie/pocket square color (4 options).  The tux comes in four color palettes; slate, claret and cream.

And to make it even better, on Sunday the 23rd, they released two special edition versions, the color palettes are ocean and hermitage.  What is great about this is the hud puts together 4 looks for you and also lets you mix and match the individual pieces.  Oh and the special edition has 4 shirt options as well.

The following is from the L&B website “Once you have your Mesh Modern Black Open Tuxedo you will soon only need to buy an Add On HUD to change any of its parts colors and textures be it vests, ties or shirts.The Add Ons will have a range of colors in each set for you to play around with and  will stay at our 199 L price tag.”  That is great news – I can see this tux being the staple in formal wear for quite sometime.

Oh yes – almost forgot – you might want to see this.  I purchased the special edition in ocean.  Damn I rock this.  (grin)  My apologies to Paul – the pic in the bottom left corner doesn’t do it justice.

tux compile copy

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