Daddy does some new leather

First off quick apologies for being so quiet the past few weeks. RL and SL have been VERY busy for me. More of that to come.

Now to the point of this posting – Can I have a OMG and a HELL YEAH.  Lapointe and Bastchild has done it again.  Daddy loves his leather and L&B has dropped on us a GREAT, can I say over the top OMG, traditional leather biker jacket.


The jacket comes with OH so many options.  I think the greatest invention of the mesh era is the texture changing hud. This bad boy has 4 leather styles and 4 hardware styles.  It also comes with an optional t-shirt that comes with 8 color/design options.

This jacket has that feel of being part of you. It flows and moves well.  The detailing is amazing. The wrinkles and creases give it that not new look.

Ok, now, only one teenie tiny dislike i found with the jacket.  For us bigger men, ya know the ones with actual developed biceps, this jacket is gonna be a little tight there.  Ok well two – the alpha on the arms near the wrists might not be long enough when you move in certain directions.

All in all – Great work again.  Gonna be hard to pry this off me.

Until next time – Daddy out.