Daddybear does Haiku

The truly talented Strawberry Singh puts out a meme challenge every Monday for any blogger who wants to take part.

This week the challenge was to write a haiku about your second life.  I thought about this a great deal since Monday.  There have been many wonderful submissions.  The thing that kep running through my head is how do I encapsulate 6.5 years in SL in three lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and then 5 syllables.  Daddy likes a challenge and I went off to ponder.

Being a long-term resident I have seen alot come and go and alot has changed for me in that time.  I have made many friends and seen many sims.  Some of those friends and some of those sims are still here. Alot of drifted off to the sunset.

So my Haiku about my SL.  I thought about it and wrote it down to make sure the rhythm and syllable count was correct.  Then how to represent that in an image.  I wanted to shoot a new image but i remembered this one and I thought it suited perfectly.


haiku meme copy

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