Benjamin Glendale

Awhile back I ran into Benjamin Glendale at Tableau.  I had seen a few of his image creations from Second Life and was quite impressed with his ability to take stunning landscapes and stunning portraits.  There are not many that can do both.

I have watched him closely over the past few weeks. Just amazed at what he does, often getting in him IM box “Benjamin – how did you do that?”

Well I finally asked him to sit for me this morning.  Here is first image from that sitting.  More to come.

Benjamin Glendale
Benjamin Glendale

Mesh – Standard Sizings – Demos (teeny tiny rant)

I love mesh clothes.  I hate standard sizing.  I finally figured out that I am just off being a Large in standard sizing.  But there is so much variation in mesh.  In some stores I am XL, there is even one store I am a Medium.

Please oh Please, if you are going to deviate from the so-called standard sizings – YOU HAVE TO PUT OUT DEMOS.  Oh hell if you are going to make and sell mesh – just put out the damn demos.

I went shopping at Second Pride in a shop of a very well known SL designer.  Found a great outfit.  Mesh leather pants.  She did not put out a demo.  If she had I wouldn’t have bought.  The pants were IMHO poorly cut and for a large man I DO NOT have pencil thin legs.or saddlebags coming off my ass to fill that big space you left back there.

That is all.