Summer of Discontent

The more I think about it, the more I wonder why I continue to maintain my FB account.  The primary reason I do is to easily keep in contact with my SL love Tasty Hastings, or as he has to be known on FB Tastee.

The recent rash of photo reporting is really disconcerting.  I have found that most photos are reported by friends of friends.  If ya don’t like what your friend sees I think you can set your perms to avoid that.  I dunno, I don’t bother, I look at it this way, if you are on my friends list and you see things that come through my FB and you don’t like it, you are free to change your settings or drop me.

I stopped posting most shots directly to FB just because of that reason.  The only shots that appear now are random paparazzi/stalker shots, right Daddy Floyd. I also post silly pics from Bitstrips.

If you want to see more of images I take in Second Life or portraits, please stop by my Flickr stream.

I will often cross post images but not direct now.  This has come to pass because of the rash of reportings I have been hearing about and especially those images reported that were posted by Benjamin Glendale. The talent that this man brings forth in the variety and scope of his images is truly remarkable.  I am pleased to call him a friend and look forward to seeing each new work.

To the person reporting Benjamin’s images, lay off, get a life, move on.  Its not like you were caught off guard when you might have been looking at FB in a public place or at work when you were not supposed to.  You searched and perused his photo collection to search out things that offended your morality or lack thereof.

Ok – back to your regularly scheduled Sunday.

One response to “Summer of Discontent

  • Bock McMillan

    Self-appointed censors who search out stuff to get agitated about should get a life of their own instead of harassing those who have one.

    If they already know that they risk seeing pictures that may disrturb them in their holier-than-thou-serenity they should, as you suggest, change their settings or drop the “friend” who causes them such troubles.. But there will always be assholes who believe they were born to reform the world to their mold, it’s unavoidable and one of the reasons I dropped out of Facebook.

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