New Shape from AGAPE (Raphael for the Elias skin)

Zim Ginsburg has been fast at work on a new line of shapes. Collection is called Kouros and currently has 4 shapes sold separately.  As Zim puts it they are designed for those of us that want a more realistic sizing to our avi.  These shapes were designed to show off the new Elias skins from Elysium.

Having a shape designed to flatter a skin is what we are all looking for.   I have to tell you right up front – these shapes are a little on the twinkish size compared to my usual love able daddy bear shape.  But its sorta fun to experiement with a new look on occasion.

Today I want to show you the Raphael shape. This shape is a little scrapper.  He is one you would want watching your back.


As you know I have a thing for Ginger, so it sort of made sense to dress up this wonderful well proportion shape with some ginger hair.

Raphael (bum shot)

Now just look at that. Job Well Done Mr. Zim.

Will get to your other boys here soon.

Stay tuned.


Jaryth’s Barber Shop Hairbase- Ginger
Elysium – beard 3 – red
Elysium – Elias – chest hair – red brown
Fucking Amazing Tatt – Faded (coming soon to my store)
Clipper Cuts – Sebastian – Ginger – resizer
Elysium – swimtrunks – white – M
FATEeyes (medium) Right v1.2
“Raphael” Body Shape by Zim (6’10”)
Elysium – Elias (blond brows/freck/happy trail) – milk

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