Today I am reminded – Cancer really sucks.

I never met in RL the man behind Marcus Steeplechase.  Today our community learned of his passing last week.  I do not know all the details.

I knew Marcus in world and I can only assume the person behind Marcus was just the same.  He was a kind, gentle creative man with so many ideas and wanted to do good things for our entire community.  He put the community first.  Every time you turned around he was coming up with some new way to entertain and help us have fun in our SL.

One of my first memories of Marcus was going to the old Ironworks on that laggy mainland sim.  The theme parties were loads of fun.  Loved the regular pool parties and trivia nights.

When the big move to the Ironworks sim came about it was exciting.  The events became bigger and more grander. My personal favorite of the recurring events was Shop till you Drop.  Marcus began delving into theatre performances and at one point had an entire sim set to perform Teahouse of the August Moon.

I personally think that one of the things that Marcus truly loved in SL is the community.  He bent over backwards to do what he could to make it a better place.

He was truly one of the GOOD GUYS.

My thoughts are with MeatJockey and his family and to the SL family – heaven is a brighter place today for it gained one of our truly shining stars.

Marcus Steeplechase (photo lifted from the FB stream of Sasch Petrov)

Marcus Steeplechase (photo lifted from the FB stream of Sasch Petrov)

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