Thoughts on campaigns

I am reminded of a conversation I heard recently on drive-time talk radio.  I listen to Morning Joe on MSNBC on my ride to work in the morning because it seems in my mind to give a somewhat even balance of perspectives.

I was listening to a conversation with an author who had written a book about the 2012 US Presidential campaign.  I can’t remember who it was or the book sorry.

He was saying right up to and including election day, the Romney campaign and the Romney family thought they were going to win.  Their internal polling and all conversations being had indicated that to them.  The problem right there was that they were believing what the insiders and the pollsters were telling them. Remember Karl Rove’s now famous meltdown on live TV when Fox indicated that Obama had won key districts in Ohio that clinched the state. It appears that they believed their polling (which we all know can be skewed depending on type of question and how its asked and if the questions are being asked of a random sampling or just a certain demographic.)

In my mind the Obama team in the end won the election because they had the more effective ground game.  They got out and met face to face with people.  Kept the msg as one of hope and looking to the future.  They didn’t make assumptions about outcomes.

Ok I know there are some who won’t agree with me but this is just my thoughts.

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