I choose….

My life is full of choices.

I choose to get out of bed in the morning.

I choose to log into SL before breakfast (gotta work on that one)

I choose what I want to eat.

I choose what I am going to wear (I am much snappier dresser in SL)

I choose what clothes i like in SL to wear.

I choose where I shop.

I choose the things i do to entertain myself.

I choose where I go.

I choose to be a believer in utopia and Camelot.

I choose to see good in people when I meet them.

I choose who to talk to and when.

If I choose to go to a male’s only club its because i like the dynamics of the male crowd. Single sex/single theme clubs/sims have their place and provide a “safe” place to be who you want to be.

My point being – life either RL or SL is full of choices. Because i choose to conduct my RL and/or my SL in a certain manner just means I have made choices that are good for me.  It just means I choose to do things differently than someone else.

It means I expect you to respect my choices whether you agree with them or not, as I would respect your choices.

Our differences are what make us unique.

Ideally it would be great if there were no barriers in SL.  But as hard as we try, there always will be.

SL is our world, our creation. Unfortunately RL creeps in on occasion and ruins my fun.

I choose to be me. I choose to explore and experience all I can.

The thoughts and statements I make in this blog, are mine and do not represent the opinions of anyone else or any organization to which i belong.

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