Damn I look Hot! ;-)

Ok just gotta say L&B have struck again.  The Modern Closed Pinstripe looks AMAZING. With the ingenious HUD there are many possibilities for this tux. The HUD comes with 4 preset styles for you, or you can be adventurous and mix and match the shirts, jackets, pant, vests, and ties/squares.

The shirts come in Slate, White, Noir, and Scarlett.  The ties/squares in Black Ribbed, Stripe Grey, Bold DK Purple, and Plain Crimson. The brocade work on the vests are gorgeous, Slate, Silver, Dk Violet, and Claret. The Jacket/pants come in Silk Trim Slate, Charcoal, Pitch, and Silk Trim Coal.

Overall I just LOVE this suit and the HUD. When you buy this tux and you know you will, check out the HUD add-ons.  If you buy one complete package, you can buy hud add-ons to increase shirt. tie and vest options for both the open and closed modern tux.  Its just ingenious.  Everyman in SL needs a good tux that is expandable and you can for a small price freshen it up when needed.

The tux shop is here at L&B.

oh and again Damn I look Hot!!

New Modern Closed Pinstripe Tux with brocade vests.
New Modern Closed Pinstripe Tux with brocade vests.