a so-called friend left

i just noticed that someone who has/had been on my friends list in SL for LONG time has removed themself.
This person sat on my friends list for LONG time and then got into the habit of blind mass tp-ing. (Hate that – get a better marketing strategy like an SL group). I took ability to see me off for long time like 2 or 3 years.
Then last summer removed them completely because they had become evil and backstabbing.  When they discovered I had removed them from my list.  Asked why.  Told them that they had stopped talking to me, ignored me when i attempted to talk to them and only contact was blind mass tp’s.
Well we talked and calling cards were exchanged again.  Then almost everyday this person was in my box telling me stuff trying to manipulate me to agree with them.
And they started the blind mass tp with me again.  So i took off ability to see me.
Then the other night they had gotten in my IM box again.  The conversation wasn’t friendly.
I don’t have time in my RL or my SL to deal with your spewing your faux intellect on FB and then turn right around and be a backstabbing spiteful hateful person in SL who tells ppl what you think they want to hear so they will agree with you.

So enjoy your SL and the cesspool of drama you swirl.


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