Welcome to MY 2014.

Wow – i just realized that I hadn’t posted here for almost 2 months.  So much has gone on for me both in RL and in SL that its hard to fill you all in.  But I saw this picture yesterday on Facebook and it got me to thinking.book

Your life is what you make it.  My life is about enjoying myself along the way.  There are times that we all need to be serious about life and what it brings us.  But there are also times when we just have to stand back and have a good laugh.  I am going to work on balancing that all out this year.  Most of my postings during 2013 were rantings and complaining about something.  Life is way too short to take yourself that seriously all the time.

So to start off 2014 I want to throw props to Alecat Breda, the brilliant mind behind N4RS Gay Animated Furniture in SL.  He dropped this little gem of a video on his FB stream this morning.   Its a Best Of compilation of “William’s Beatdown,”  you will know William from the group DWV and their cheeky hit “This Boy is a Bottom.”
I know its not PC and stuff but sometimes you just need a good chuckle.


OK thats all – until next time – Daddybear out.

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