Limited Edition Lapointe & Bastchild goodness

OK I just happened to hear about this unique event called “Project Limited” by chance. Tried to get in but it was full for HOURS.  Well found today that L&B is there.  Ok – have a secret man crush on Paul and his designs.

Well this event features some limited editions of items from a wide variety of designers.

Got this msg in my Facebook timeline

Wow… what can I say.. our fans are the greatest! You guys bought all 80 copies of the Grimm Royale jackets in under 24 hours.

So many people lost out – that Paul decided to do 2nd limited set.. yes.. an new theme!

So… today we have Grimm Pistola! Limited to 100 copies each of the men’s and the women’s version. Each set comes with a HUD that gives you three leather jacket looks and 6 shirt looks. The Grimm Pistola and Pistola Muertos themes will not be sold in a set like this again!

Get them while they last – only at the Project Limited Event!

So Naturally I had to run and see.  I got in first try but it took some time to see – things were rezzing slowly.

Let me tell you. The new jacket – RAWKS.  There are only 100 copies.  When i left there were 91.  This is a great addition.  It comes with a texture change hud.  You get choices of 3 leathers, 2 hardwares, and 6 shirt options.  You can wear it with or without the shirt.

So run don’t walk – this is worth the time and effort.

The new LE Grimm Pistola 2 jacket from L&B available now while supplies last.

The new LE Grimm Pistola 2 jacket from L&B available now while supplies last.

The back side of this great jacket.

The back side of this great jacket.

2 responses to “Limited Edition Lapointe & Bastchild goodness

  • Nathaniel Pevensey

    I’m so glad that L&B had a second jacket all textured up and ready to go, and such a gorgeous one! I felt a little guilty blogging about the first one and then going ‘shit, nobody’s going to get one’. :/

  • What’s New! (with Phil & Dixie?) with Lapointe & Bastchild | What Fresh SL is This?

    […] UPDATE!!! There’s a new limited edition jacket at Project Limited now, as the 80 copies of Grimm Royale have sold. The new one is named Grimm Pistola, and has a similar style of design on it with a skull framed with pistols and the L&B fleur-de-lis crown. Really, it looks much better than I’m describing it!  And you can be one of the hundred people who get to own it. Feel free to tug my sleeve if you need a copy of the promo texture!  Alternately, there’s photos over at Digital Daddybear. […]

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