Travelogue: The Greenhouse

Totally by chance today I cam across a sim that I thought/assumed had disappeared long ago.  Its the amazing Greenhouse.

I first came across this location again today just by chance.  I first shot it way back in February of 2008.

The Greenhouse is an amazing example of classic virtual building before the advent of sculpties and mesh.   I was really excited to come across it again.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and get a chance to stop by.Greenhouse 1

The Greenhouse is located on the north side of the Blake Sea on the eastern end of the sea.

Greenhouse 2 copy

There is a quite of bit of wildlife wondering through the the landscape.

Greenhouse 3 copy

As I said it is an great example of classic old school building.  A must see.

greenhouse 4 copy

Enjoy – and Happy Travels.

Travelogue: It all starts with a smile, Onxy Isle

I have been exploring for sometime and don’t keep accurate travel records. I was looking through someone’s flickr feed.  I forget who now.  And saw a pretty shot from “It all starts with a smile” on the Onyx Isle sim.  Its a really beautiful location.  Spring is popping out all over there.

The Waterfall
The Waterfall


Walking a little further along the way – came across this pretty table overlooking the lake. This struck me as very familiar.  Took me a minute but i had shot this location Its on my flickr page. This is a great view looking over the valley.

I have been here before.
I have been here before.

Followed the trail up to the village. what a lovely setting in the town square.

The Town Square.
The Town Square.


headed back out the gate.  Great view looking back up the valley towards the town.

Down in the Valley.
Down in the Valley.

Had to be really quiet down by the pond.

Have a seat
Have a seat

just before heading out noticed this pretty cat snoozing.

afternoon nap

Highly recommend a visit to this sim. OH and btw, only editing on these pics was cropping.

Hope you enjoy.

Over and out for now.


Complaint Dept: Now serving #27

I got involved in the election for Second Pride board because I wanted to help better the community. I didn’t get involved with the election or the board to benefit my own ego or reputation.  I got involved to try to benefit the greater good.

The election hurt the community.  Sometimes I think it damaged the community beyond repair.  To a point where its really hard to see a community but rather several cliques joined by a common thread.  I have said in the past.  There is a great deal to be proud of in this community. We all have our own little areas we usually gravitate towards.  There is nothing really different about the SL community as compared to the RL community.

The one thing that is different between SL and RL.  In RL everyone comes together for at least a short period of time to “show off” us to the rest of the world, from Dykes on Bikes to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and everything and everyone in between.

Second Pride isn’t about any one club, any one group, any one clique. It isn’t about those who think they are the movers and shakers of Second Life. Its about all of us.

In November 1969 a group of activists were meeting in Philadelphia and proposed that there be an annual reminder event to commemorate the demonstrations that took place on Christopher Street the summer before in and around the area of the Stonewall Inn.

From the proposal at that meeting ”

That the Annual Reminder, in order to be more relevant, reach a greater number of people, and encompass the ideas and ideals of the larger struggle in which we are engaged-that of our fundamental human rights-be moved both in time and location.

We propose that a demonstration be held annually on the last Saturday in June in New York City to commemorate the 1969 spontaneous demonstrations on Christopher Street and this demonstration be called CHRISTOPHER STREET LIBERATION DAY. No dress or age regulations shall be made for this demonstration.” From the wikipedia page.

I included this quote and highlighted that we need to do good things for the community and the greater good.

There are some hard working people involved with the board this year. Who I believe understand the concept of working for the greater good.

But it becomes hard at times when feathers get ruffled and personal difference arise between individuals.  That turn into LONG held grievances and and anger.

I have been involved with Pride for almost 8 years.  This will be my 8th festival I believe. Over the years my level of involvement has varied. But as I said this year I wanted to get involved because I saw a need to improve the direction that was being taken.

The “Second Pride” board is made up of all volunteers.  No one gets paid and I truly believe that they are all involved for furthering the greater good.  We have all made a goal to reach out to folks or groups who participated in the past and to groups and individuals who have never participated in an attempt to strengthen the community.

Its hard to please everyone all the time.  The SL “community” is not homogenous just like the RL community isn’t.  Its going to be hard to please everyone all the time.  The board that was first elected appeared quite homogenous to start.  This cause alot of anger to be hurled that it was going to become a bear group.  (just rolled my eyes).  Due to circumstances that have arisen, there has been a great deal of shuffling and new people come on board.  This board right now is the most diverse group that I can remember every sitting together.

With that said, we all have our own interests and contacts. so we have been actively trying to include “entertainers” that have worked with us in the past.  Its good to expose membership to new things and new people.  That is why the majority of the DJ’s at the Valentine event were people who had never played at a Pride event.  A great opportunity for them to get some exposure.

I get complaints in my IM box.  It goes with the territory.  I listen to what folks have to say.  Try to sort out how to make things better.  Usually I end the conversation with suggesting that they come by a Pride meeting.  And thats where the complaint ends.

And finally.  I get it I really do.  I understand people have issues with past members of the board. BUT I am not going to apologize for anything that individuals who were involved with the board in the past may have done.  All I or any member of the current board can do is try to make things better moving forward.

So to finish up – the invitation is there, come join us for a meeting.  We would love to see you.  Its time to buck up and move forward.  If you have issues with members of previous boards.  I suggest you take it up directly with them and don’t continue to blame the organization years after it happened.

L&B – new leather jacket – “Racing”

L&B has just released a new leather jacket called “Racing” Leather Jacket Set for men.  This is a great work. It lives up very well to the reputation for design and texture detail.

This jacket comes in 7 different sizes  – yes 7 ranging from XL to XXS.  so everyone should be able to find something to fit.

There are oh so many options to this jacket.  It can be worn just jacket.

Racing Jacket no shirt shown with Moto jeans.
Racing Jacket no shirt shown with Moto jeans.

It can be worn with a t-shirt add-on that is tucked or not and it comes with a Track Top add on that can be worn either tucked or not and over the top of the t-shirt add on.

Racing Jacket shown with track jacket add on and moto jeans.
Racing Jacket shown with track jacket add on and moto jeans.

The great hud has so many options on it that this can be worn just about anywhere.

The new jacket from L&B "Racing."
The new jacket from L&B “Racing.”

On the hud there are 6 leather options, 18 t-shirt options, 4 options for the track top, and 2 options for the hardware options.  So many options and opportunities here.  There are also 2 alpha options, one for the the jacket with the add-ons and one without.

Its hard for an avatar of my size to find mesh that will fit properly.and still look good.  I tend to go back to the same vendors because i easily know what size i need to and should wear.  I have found that the Large size at L&B usually works pretty well for me.  I like the slightly snugger fit look.

So all in all Great Job.  Daddybear highly recommends.

additional credit.

Pose – Pose Frame V4 M by Image Essentials

Come Sit in My Chair!

Well to be honest I own it but didn’t make it. It’s from Image Essentials.

Several years ago I ran a series of photographs on flickr called “The Red Chair.”

Had alot of folks come sit and let me shoot some pictures.  It was really alot of fun.

Today I found a new chair Image Essentials and it got me to thinking – it might be time to do a new series.  This time it will be a little more than just pictures.  It will include 5 questions that I will ask you while you are sitting in the chair.  I will kick off the series.

Come Sit in my chair - Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck
Come Sit in my chair – Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck

How long have you been in SL? Just over 7 years and 3 months.

What do you do for entertainment?  I like to explore and shoot pictures.  In RL I like to shoot landscape pictures, so I am drawn to well defined landscapes, be it urban or rural.  I like well thought out details.  I am particularly fond of Kowloon. I find new things each time I go there and i have been going for almost 7 years.

What drew you to SL?  To be honest, I read a NYTimes article about Anshe Chung being the first person/avi to make a million real dollars in SL.  So I came to give it a look around. I somehow after orientation island landed at a Casino. spent a great deal of time there until I wandered away and started exploring the club and other things to see.

Have you had a SL romance?  Yes.  I have had 4 real romances in SL.  We won’t discuss the first three here, cause they can’t compare to my my SL Husband of about 2 1/2 years – Tasty Hastings.  I keep telling him if we were closer in RL we would have to give up SL. (evil grin).

What keeps you coming back?  It is an escape from RL.  I enjoy the creativity of everyone.  I still am stuck on the old SL tag line “It’s your world, your imagination.”

Ok – if anyone would like to come sit in my chair drop me a msg in SL  I can’t guarantee the questions I ask will be that softball or not.  But we will have fun.

Over and out for now.

Gotta Love a Great Full Service Pose Shop

The one thing I truly love about grid hunts is going to shops I have never been to.  For those of you who don’t know – the “Stuff” team are putting on a Megahunt with the hundreds of menstuff, womenstuff, and homestuff designers participating.  Its loads of fun.

Well its Sunday morning and i am out hitting a few spots on the hunt and I landed at stop #8 Image Essentials Props and Poses.  Lemme just say great shop – nicely laid out and great assortment of poses and props.

Me checking out the arrival point at Image Essentials
Me checking out the arrival point at Image Essentials

And OMG she has got the Gatcha machines.  Nice assortment of machines for both men and women.

The gatcha machines for the men.
The gacha machines.

“Hello my name is Petr and I am addicted to gacha.”  They are only $20L a play.  Did i mention i have a gacha addication.

The store is filled with great prop items for singles, couple and groups.

Great props for singles, couples, and groups.
Great props for singles, couples, and groups.


This shop sits on full mainland sim. If you join the Image Essentials group, you get access to several photo studio shops set up on the sim for all your photo needs.  The sim as i mentioned is a full sim with lots of locations to shoot in.  This is well worth the visit.

There are two other shops here as well. First is Demise of Flight.  This is a nice shop with a variety of cute casual wear for women. There are also upstairs a nice collection of men’s tshirts in mesh.  OMG more poses – there are some nice pose sets and pose props in the upstairs also.  The other shop is called Something New.  This is a pose and prop shop also, a great assortment of props and poses here as well.

Oh and if you like the place drop a few lindens in the tip jar this is a great place to shoot some images.  Lots of possibilities.

Thanks K A Y.  I will be back again.

Daddybear over and out for now.