Come Sit in My Chair!

Well to be honest I own it but didn’t make it. It’s from Image Essentials.

Several years ago I ran a series of photographs on flickr called “The Red Chair.”

Had alot of folks come sit and let me shoot some pictures.  It was really alot of fun.

Today I found a new chair Image Essentials and it got me to thinking – it might be time to do a new series.  This time it will be a little more than just pictures.  It will include 5 questions that I will ask you while you are sitting in the chair.  I will kick off the series.

Come Sit in my chair - Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck

Come Sit in my chair – Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck

How long have you been in SL? Just over 7 years and 3 months.

What do you do for entertainment?  I like to explore and shoot pictures.  In RL I like to shoot landscape pictures, so I am drawn to well defined landscapes, be it urban or rural.  I like well thought out details.  I am particularly fond of Kowloon. I find new things each time I go there and i have been going for almost 7 years.

What drew you to SL?  To be honest, I read a NYTimes article about Anshe Chung being the first person/avi to make a million real dollars in SL.  So I came to give it a look around. I somehow after orientation island landed at a Casino. spent a great deal of time there until I wandered away and started exploring the club and other things to see.

Have you had a SL romance?  Yes.  I have had 4 real romances in SL.  We won’t discuss the first three here, cause they can’t compare to my my SL Husband of about 2 1/2 years – Tasty Hastings.  I keep telling him if we were closer in RL we would have to give up SL. (evil grin).

What keeps you coming back?  It is an escape from RL.  I enjoy the creativity of everyone.  I still am stuck on the old SL tag line “It’s your world, your imagination.”

Ok – if anyone would like to come sit in my chair drop me a msg in SL  I can’t guarantee the questions I ask will be that softball or not.  But we will have fun.

Over and out for now.

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