Travelogue: The Greenhouse

Totally by chance today I cam across a sim that I thought/assumed had disappeared long ago.  Its the amazing Greenhouse.

I first came across this location again today just by chance.  I first shot it way back in February of 2008.

The Greenhouse is an amazing example of classic virtual building before the advent of sculpties and mesh.   I was really excited to come across it again.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and get a chance to stop by.Greenhouse 1

The Greenhouse is located on the north side of the Blake Sea on the eastern end of the sea.

Greenhouse 2 copy

There is a quite of bit of wildlife wondering through the the landscape.

Greenhouse 3 copy

As I said it is an great example of classic old school building.  A must see.

greenhouse 4 copy

Enjoy – and Happy Travels.

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