Goodbye Facebook

Today – after 5 years of use, Facebook decided that my account there violated their TOS. Because I appeared to be a fake person.

During the last big purge I managed to survive by putting my cell phone number in my profile. Well I think that’s how i survived.

One of two things happened this time.

First – my luck just ran out and they just caught up to me and realized hey we are not making any money off this one cause he appears not to be real and we can’t sell any data on him.


Second – some dickwad turned me in.

I am leaning towards the Second and I will tell you why.  I talk to alot of people that I trust their judgement and information and alot who I listen to and make my own judgement.  I was telling someone today about what happened.  They told me about a sad pathetic soul that they believe has been turning everyone in for nudity (real or otherwise) and reporting accounts. I couldn’t get my source to tell me who it was. But my source did tell me that this person is relatively well known in the community and is on everyone’s list.

Well if it is the second option.  I hope they are happy.

I am moving back to posting pictures on flickr and going to reacquaint myself with Google+.


UPDATE:  I have been told that I got hit in a wave of FB clearing out gaming/fake accounts.  My friend Eddi has an app that tells him when ppl disable/deactivate their accounts.  And there was a large number about the same time I got booted.  I have decided that for personal security reasons I am not going back to Facebook.  They want us to make a page for our avi’s and link them to a RL account so they can sell data mining information.  The “page” doesn’t have the same functionality that the other accounts do.

So be advised you could be next. Back up anything you want to save (cause you won’t get it back) and come join us on Google+.

Have a great day.

MILF – Vice

“Hello my name is Petr and I am a pose whore.”  I admit it I but alot of poses and animations. OMG so many I have lost count.

Well anyway – one of my newest obsession shops to visit is VICE  This wonderful place is the brainchild of Finn Millar and Spencer Ronzales.  I must admit one of the draws for me on top of the fact the poses are very masculine, is that they have some of the hottest models in SL.

Its always fun to join groups for stores that you enjoy – cause they usually send out cool group gifts on occasion.  VICE is no different.  Got word of new group gift and ran to pick it up.

I love props and this is way cool prop – its actually for a trio but wanted to show it to you this way.

First off a new close up of me.


Now for the group gift – here you go.


Not so sure I know what MILF is (snicker/grins).

Thanks Daddy Finn