OK just gotta get this off my chest

This is all I am going to say regarding the “hate blogs.”

I am sick and tired of the nasty bitchy catty behavior of these people who hide behind anonymous blogs.

Step out from behind your mask and do something positive instead of perpetuating the bitchy queen stereotype.

Everyone has their suspicions about who is behind the 2 blogs.  I really don’t care who it is any longer.  If your anger at certain people is so deep seeded and long lasting, maybe its something that you might want to talk to someone about.

The SP Board this year has worked hard and has had to overcome many obstacles along the way.  I am not going to go into them.  Most of you know what happened this year.

The board seemed to ruffle ALOT of feathers by its decisions.  None of those decisions were made lightly.  We made decisions in open meetings that the public was invited to attend.

Instead people choose to complain and spread false stories behind a 2nd anonymous identity.  Its time to step up and do something for the greater good.

That is all.




If you’re not part of the future then get out of the way. … “If you don’t have something to add to the discussion or solution, get out of the way.”.



One response to “OK just gotta get this off my chest

  • trialsofeyeliner

    I didn’t know there were two blogs, I just knew about the one. I’m sorry you have had to deal with so much when just trying to serve the community in the best way you could. I hope the next board has a better year of it than you did.

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