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One needs to take Pride in their own efforts, take Pride in the efforts of others and take Pride in their respective outcomes.

A year ago when I made the decision to run for a position on the Second Pride board it was not a decision I made lightly.  I had been in and around Second Pride since its beginnings.  I even had a brief stint as an appointed board member a few years ago, until I had to step aside for personal reasons.

I believe in this community.  Yes it is a community.  Communities are made up of many diverse individuals, groups and organizations.  But in my mind what makes a community is having common goals.  We might not always agree on how to reach those goals.  But we all want to see life better for ourselves and our successors.

This experience with Second Pride has helped me learn a great deal about myself and others. I believe in Camelot.  I believe in a world where everyone looks out for their neighbor.  I believe in standing for what is right for the common good.  I wanted to try to reinvolve with Pride groups that had left for one reason or another.  At least try to talk to them and find out why.  Let me tell you I learned alot about patience (on my part) and deep seeded anger and hostility (on their parts).  I won’t go into all the details.  Spent lots of time talking but to no avail or think that things were being accomplished and then suddenly being back at stage 1.

The board had a rough time this year. From the outright unruly election cycle, to behind the scenes harassment, to having many seats become vacant during the year.  There have been many lies and half truths spouted this year about all those who have sat on the board this year.  I can guarantee that there has been no theft of any funds during this year by any board member.  The financials are posted on the Pride website for all to see.

I want to thank everyone who has been supportive this year and everyone who served on the board for the community.  It has been a long year and it culminated in a GREAT festival.  There was great turn out, a busy schedule and loads of fun.  I want to thank everyone for the hard work, all the vendors, all the entertainers, all the sponsors.  Without you this isn’t possible.

The one thing the board has left to accomplish is the Annual Meeting which will be July 19th at 11AM in the Second Pride Conference Hall.  At this time we will review the year and the festival. We will also make announcements about the annual charitable donation and about the process/procedure for the upcoming elections.

With all this said, I have just one more thing.  Its been a pleasure and an honor to serve the community this year.  I have chosen not to run for re-election for personal reasons (both SL and RL).  I wish the everyone strength and happiness.


4 responses to “PRIDE

  • Bock McMillan

    Thank you for your service to the community, Petr my friend! You and the rest of the board had a “happening” year, but you successfully saw it through and gave the membership a wonderful celebration of pride!

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and will remain your friend,

    • petrvanbeeck

      Bock – I want to thank your wise and sage counsel this year. Your support has and will always be appreciated.

  • xceptatlas

    We are community. You, my friend, are a fantastic representative of it, your shoes may never be filled.

    Thank you for bringing us all together this year. Like other years it was memorable, your influence, ability, and passion made it that.

    My great thanks.

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