LL – Stop letting thieves steal from the residents

OK – here is another example of LL looking out for themselves but not residents who have been victimized.

I won’t go into a great deal of detail, because there are open complaints.  But the terrible news that was heard this morning and again this afternoon is that there seems to be a ring of people going around buying expensive breedable horses (they are no copy/trans only) and buying alot of them.

Well low and behold the Ls used were fraudulently obtained.  So what does LL do, they take the money from the seller, who just had a good day in the market. OK that is understandable, in RL if someone did that with stolen credit card or something it would attempt to be corrected.  So LL covered their butts.  But left the person who had a good sales day high and dry.  They lost their sales AND their no copy/trans only expensive item.

One would think that if LL could trace fraudulently obtained Ls, they could also trace where the items are that were purchased.  No I have been told that they said they couldn’t do anything about it.

Now Now, LL – stop victimizing the innocent merchants.  Protect the merchants.  They make you money.  Alot of the inworld merchants rely on money earned in SL to pay at least some of RL expenses.

We all know that you claim that Ls have no value but they do and a large number of people depend on them.

Step up and do the right thing, we know you can trace this activity.  Make it stop and do the right thing and retrieve the item and return it to the victim.

Its the right thing to do.

That is all


2 responses to “LL – Stop letting thieves steal from the residents

  • InsyX

    They do not care one iota about the people that make SL awesome. Been there done that and I opened my eyes and realized that the Lindens are selfish assholes.

    • petrvanbeeck

      I remember my friend. LL needs to start stepping up and policing the criminal activity that is taking place in their world. When some one is ripped off like the people that I spoke of or like you were they need to help make it better. In your case they could track the money movement and the scripts used. It shouldn’t matter if you are a premium member or not THEFT IS THEFT.

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