7 years and they still haven’t fixed it

Keeping a world like Second Life running has got to be a mind boggling task.  I have appreciation for the behind the scenes skills and work the the Lindens do.

But seriously folks 7 years to fix a problem. SERIOUSLY?

OK Background:  I am a “bouncer” in a club group.  This past Sunday we had to put up with some idiot spamming the chat selling land.  He was ejected.  But because the chat was still open he was able to keep spamming the group.  And from what I heard was doing it in several groups.  I think it was a bot but not sure.

So this lead to a long conversation about idiots in group. If it wasn’t a bot he definitely learned real quick what we thought of him. So later that day – I decided to drop some tweets on @SecondLife @SupportLinden and Ebbe Linden.  I sent 2 tweets.  Can’t seem to find the 2nd one but here is the first.

tweetwithebbeSo much to my surprise, well not really Ebbe Linden is really good at getting back to people (well has been with me anyway) :).

So last night I filled in the Report Bug thing he asked. GAWD I hate that JIRA thingy.  Well thats another story.

So anyway much to my surprise there were three responses on the JIRA

jira activitySo a suggested work around was posted.  That’s cool.  Will keep that in mind next time.  What got me though was today Maestro Linden closed it because its a known issue and duplicates a JIRA already open.  It was really nice of him to include the link.

original JIRAOK there are 3 interesting things to see on this image – look at the top on the left – its number is 32.  First sign that its been around for some time, next thing you should notice is the created date on the right – the 28th of February 2007 and just below it last triaged 14th of Feb 2011.  SERIOUSLY.

If you are inclined to vote on JIRA topics please vote on this one.  I seriously can not believe this has been a known issue for so long and its not fixed.  The last time any conversation was on the issue was in 2012.  This is one of the reasons I gave up on JIRA.  It seemed that things never got fixed. So why bother filling out the form. To only need lots of votes on it for it to get any attention.

So LL – fix this please at the same time you fix the LAG issue in group chats.  Yeah – that’s still here.

Thats all for now.


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