I read several blogs and follow several regularly and follow ALOT of talented people on Flickr.  I am very envious of their skills and talents. But that’s another story.

I had the privilege of meeting Whiskey Monday once.  It was not on the SL grid.  I believe it was on Inworldz.  We had a lovely chat about stuff and exchanged flickr urls.  I delved into her flickr stream.  Her work is captivating.  It makes you stop and look and ponder.

I began reading her blog to try to gain an understanding of what goes into the imagery she creates.  Her imagery and words hit home for me.

She took a break from blogging for personal reason earlier this year.  I sort of lost track with the craziness that has been my life recently.

I was rolling through my flickr friends and what did i find.  Whiskey is back.

A Piece at a Time

I have gone back to catch up on her blog.  She has been shooting pictures and blogging since the end of August.

Welcome back. I missed your words and images.


The Cart Sale at The Wash

I don’t know where I have been but I almost missed one of my favorite shopping events of the year.  The Cart Sale at The Wash. Its only on untl Oct 8th.

cart sale_001

This version of the sale has alot to offer and more stuff for the men.  Its still primarily a women’s shopping event.  But there is also alot of accessory merchants there.

The best thing is EVERYTHING and I mean everything is L$10.

Here’s your ride – The Wash.

When you are there check out my favorite retro store on the grid – Hell Bop.


Until next time.