Linden Labs I am pissed off – so Watch Out.

Dear Linden Labs,

I am pissed off.  There is a scammer working in SL who is keeps trying to sell what appear to be stolen skins – keeps changing the avi that sends unwanted spam. I keep reporting it.  But to no avail he keeps changing avi and i keep getting spam.  I know its the same person because he is not smart enough to change his spam or even pay attention to who he is spamming.

This person has gone through and copied the names of users from a couple of groups i belong to.  They keep getting banned from the group – but are able to get back in by changing avi.

Today i got an unwanted spam. Reported and muted this avi.  But I checked the MP link and it went back to the last person I reported.  Do you even investigate these complaints?

Getting tired of these crooks. Its time you do something about it.


Petr Vanbeeck

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