I love Annie Lennox

Just saying – Annie is truly amazing.  She has been performing since the mid 70s.  I became familiar with Annie early on in the 80s from MTV – remember when MTV actually played videos.  I still remember first seeing the video for “Sweet Dreams (are made of this)”  thinking “WOW” this is amazing the imagery was captivating.

The next thing that she did that caught my eye was her participation in Red Hot and Blue from the Red Hot series.  For those of you unfamiliar with this series click here.  The album was a truly amazing recording of classic Cole Porter songs with all the proceeds going to HIV/Aids research.

She is a truly socially conscious performer who is not afraid to take a stand. She has been giving of herself since the late 80s focusing on HIV/Aids and issues relating to women in Africa. She has made several bold statements in support of research and funding for HIV/Aids, including calling out Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church for their denunciation of the use of condoms and criticizing the church for causing widespread confusion on the African continent on how to best treat/prevent the transmission of the virus.  She made a very informative music video called “Sing.”

Annie is truly a Diva in every possible positive sense of the word. Even though I am pretty sure she would not classify herself that way. In 2010 she was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, recognizing her work for fighting poverty and AIDS in Africa.

I want to leave you with this video I came across recently.  Its a flash mob video staged to raise awareness about child trafficking and sexploitation.  Annie’s words in this song speak volumes.

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