Sometimes I am not paying attention

Since my horrendum annus I have been pretty quiet at times and rarely stick my nose out or even go out.  I have happily landscaping our home in Second Norway.  We enjoy exploring either by motorcycle, plane or boat.  We occasionally ride the train around SN. There are several people I talk with in IM when I can.  I am mod in like 9 group chats so that keeps me busy.  I am trying to relaunch yet again my store.

So I tend to be a little vague and lost to whats going on with alot of people and tend to stay out of personal issues others are having unless it directly affects me. I am an opinionated person with strong and long held beliefs.

If you are on my friends list its cause I like you and find you interesting. My RL is involved with enough drama and i inadvertently create my own in SL , so please don’t try to drag me into anything that doesn’t directly affect me.

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