Linden Labs stop punishing innocent merchants

Ok Lindens – lets talk.  I heard again last night that a breedable horse breeder lost a valuable no copy item because a criminal purchased the horse using fraudulent lindens.

We know you can track linden purchases.  Cause the breeder/merchant had all the lindens from the criminal taken back out of their account. BUT wait – you didn’t return the valuable no copy item that was purchased from them.  So not only is the person victimized once by the criminal, they are victimized a second time when their effectively stolen property is not returned.

In a case of fraudulently purchased Ls there ends up being multiple victims.  First the person who had the account hacked to lose the Ls in the first place and then there are the any number of hard working merchants who keep the SL economy moving forward.

Prominent horse breeder thought they had sold a NO COPY horse for $129,000L one day and woke up the next day with you having reached into their account and taken the money back because of the fraudulent money purchase.  BUT (wait for it) you didn’t return the fraudulently purchased items.

We know you are able track any amount of transactions and find items on the grid.  So MAKE THIS RIGHT.

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