Travelogue: Leka

There are so so many destinations of amazement, beauty and interest that one could never see them all. I am able to find some on my own, but often times I read the travel blogs of others and then go exploring, one person whom I follow is Inara Pey (newly named 2015 Avi Choice Award for Favorite Entertainment/Arts SL Blog or Website), not only is she a great story teller of her adventures, but she is an excellent photographer/chronicler of her travels.  You can see her blog Living in a Modern World by clicking here.

This brings us to she did an amazing review of Leka – which can be found here.  I had to go shoot some pictures.

The greenhouse

The greenhouse

The first place I stopped on my walk around – you can walk some great country roads.  Or take a bicycle from the landing point.

The greenhouse2

The chicken

From here I went talking down the roadway and came across this amazing truck tucked up behind this tree.  I bet there is an amazing story to go with it.

the truck

Next on the walk was this wonderful band stand.  Looks like it could be a fun live music spot.

The band stage

Then I headed for the beach. On the way I came across these two horses enjoying some grass.

The Horses

Then ended my walk on this adorable little beach.

the beach

Until next time, happy travels.


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