Travelogue: Cyclone Roller Coaster

What a fun spot.  This is perfect for date night.  We went the other night. My friend Jak took me here last year it was a great deal of fun.

The Cyclone is a huge roller coaster.   It can be found here. It is located in the SOHO New York sim.  There are several attractions here including art galleries and a live music venue.  But for me the main attraction is the roller coaster.


The Cyclone
The Cyclone

The entrace to the start platform is at the east end of the roller coaster.  There is room for 6 in each car.  It was just us  that night so we sat in the front.

leaving the station
leaving the station

The whole ride has some amazing climbs and descents.

Climbing up
Climbing up

and Tasty scaring the bejebus out of me on the descent.

He thinks he's the king of the world LOL
He thinks he’s the king of the world LOL

The Ride makes a couple loops around and then brings you back to the start platform.  You can pick up another car there and go again (i think we went 3x).

There is a nice diner beside the roller coaster.

The diner
The diner

and across the way is a replica of a famous Cony Island eatery.


Have fun and enjoy the ride.

Until next time.


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