Miss Molly Bloom opens “Rock and Roll” tonight at Holtwaye

some important news regarding the opening of Molly Bloom’s new show.

From the Artist herself –

Time changes AND SOCIAL RANT

The opening scheduled at 6 pm SLT has been changed to 7-9 pm due to an issue with the music.

We will be having DJ Kodey from 7-8 playing rock and a live singer Down Under from 8-9.  Both will have you rocking for a good two hours.

 limo here


The original band THE FOLLOW….REFUSED TO PLAY with nudity displayed in my art. (Clarification from Holtwaye ArtSpace owner Holter “They said they don’t play at homosexual clubs.”) Actually there was what they called “demonic” naked art too….oh PLEASE.  Also, they canceled a mere 4 hours before the venue UNLESS the naked art was removed.

Anyone who knows me is aware of how I feel about discrimination based on gender, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.  I could wax philosophically about this for ages, as I have with some of my friends in SL.

So, my opening is not just about the art anymore, it’s ABOUT making an example to the narrow minded that STIGMA SHALL BE OVERCOME..


By the way, again the narrow minded band is called THE FOLLOW.   Be sure to pass their name around.


from Daddy Bear – Just for the record there was one image of tits with some wicked cool pasties and one naked ass.  Pictures to come as soon as I clear it with Molly.

Judge for yourself – here is “The Lute.”

The Lute

And the last word on this


3 responses to “Miss Molly Bloom opens “Rock and Roll” tonight at Holtwaye

  • Starr Quandry

    Sorry this happened to your event, which does look pretty cool and I was looking forward to enjoying the opening along with the music. I do think there’s an overreaction though.. I know the guys and girls at “The Follow” and they aren’t anything like what this article suggests. They are very inclusive of all different communities and it’s wrong to start a witchhunt against people, calling them anti-gay or whatever based on secondhand hearsay and contrary to what the actual bandmembers say about themselves. There’s some kind of artistic difference of opinion and everyone lost out. Stuff like this happens and it sucks, but no need to add in extra drama. Just enjoy your SL and save the torches for more deserving situations.

  • Holter

    I would love to see them play at a homosexual club, because they are so inclusive – do you think that is possible Starr? I can help make it happen if you think so, let me know!

    • petrvanbeeck

      Holter – as owner of the gallery where “The Follow” refused to play would you care to comment on what happened, so that no one can say its hearsay?

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