Its time to kill copybot. LL needs to protect IP rights of residents

OK – enough is enough.  Linden Labs you need to kill copybot scripts.  They serve no legal legitimate purpose in SL.  They only allow thieves and crooks to steal copies of non-copyable items and mass produce them.  This is a major problem in breedables in SL.

Daily a user gets AR by users and reports are filed by the IP owners.  AND still that person is in SL and making illegal copies and stealing money from residents. There are currently multiple CRIMINALS being reported to you and their handywork is popping up on the grid daily.  There are still users on the grid who made copybot breedables well over a year ago.

Its time to ban these criminals.  Its time for you to reach in to the asset servers and pull every last bit of assets that these CRIMINALS havc created off the grid and delete their accounts.

Here is a picture of the latest copybot example found this morning. You can clearly see they attempted to spoof the name of the actual creator of the breedable Amaretto K9s and not the horses.  The person showing as owner of the horse has been copybotting for quite sometime.  Efforts are being made to inform all breedable sim owners to ban this person and their items. BUT its hard to ban the person/items when they can easily be passed to an alt as well.

Ebbe – it’s time for you and your team to step up and do the right thing for the grid economy.  This is criminal activity happening on your platform.  It isn’t just a bad resident to resident transaction. IT’S CRIMINAL and you have the ability to make it right – we know you do.

copybot example


One thought on “Its time to kill copybot. LL needs to protect IP rights of residents

  1. Sadly this has been going on a long time in Second Life since I have been there (2010) and in five years LL have done nothing about it so I doubt they will now. It affects L$ transactions, they don’t care about that one iota. It worsened of course with the teen grid merge, which so many residents spoke out about and of course LL failed to listen.
    I would not hold your breath on any positive action in the near future.

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