All good things need an update and sex-starved monkey clicks

Ok – couldn’t resist the click-bait.  There has been a great deal of it lately. (grins)  There has been alot said about this and that and the status of SL. Am not gonna touch that.

BUT – I do want to talk about Linden Village and the neglect and lack of general upkeep i found there.

Lets start with the parcel called “RL Education in Second Life,” the parcel description says “Resources for real-life educators and real-life education in SL. Instructional videos, public meeting area, and a planetarium!” SERIOUSLY.  Lets move with the times people. This place hasn’t changed in the almost 9 years I have been a resident.  I right clicked on some objects and they were made by Philip Linden. Come now Ebbe – set the moles to work on sprucing this place up. We know that they can make stuff and make it look good – this parcel is in desperate need of updating.

the ancient center of learning at waterhead
the ancient center of learning at waterhead

Whats I found most distressing here is there is a spot to learning the basics (for the older residents – think a VERY compact orientation island).  If this is being used as a spot to entice educators, please oh please update to more current information. Case in point, basic avatars.

words fail me on this one.
words fail me on this one.

Where oh where is Torley when you need him.  Aren’t the basic avatars now mesh – wait – isn’t that the daughter of RUTH?

OK serious – i just found out how long its been since an update here 2006.  I got a notecard of opportunities for educators and it had a line in it – Here’s a sample of what educators are doing in Second Life this Spring 2006 semester.

In the next paragraph it talks about your own virtual classroom/island.  It lists what I am assuming is VERY old pricing and to contact  How long as pathfinder been gone from “the lab?”

Wait this is special – I found an old spinning on-line indicator for pathfinder

really - seriously
really – seriously

The intention of the parcel is good – but seriously needs a rethink.  There are some nice places to sit and chat – and a planetarium that needs and updating.

More to come – i just realized that the back of what i am seeing in the first picture is the Linden in world office.  And after that we explore the NWN in world location.

Happy trails.

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