Drift – new mesh outfit from Lapointe & Bastchild

Have I said lately how much of a leather genius Paul Lapointe is?  He is one of the all time best leather creators in SL.  And his new creation is not going to disappoint.

In a limited promotional pricing (499L) L&B presents “Drift.”  A complete outfit of leather jacket, jeans, shirt and introducing a new boot as part of the S’Wear collection. The leather is amazing – I have been wearing it for two days and it feels like months.

The jacket is designed to be worn separately or with a shirt plug in, comes in tucked or untucked. The outfit comes with a hud that give 6 different shirt options and 2 different color options for the jacket hardware.  Good news – if you own any previous jackets with the shirt plug ins you can use them with this outfit.  The jeans are a perfect combination of leather and denim to prevent wear and tear.  Feels like you are wearing a tight fitting pair of chaps.

The boots are a great addition to any closet. They are built solid and firm for the rider in you. Should keep your ankles in tact if you go down.

Remember this is a limited time pricing – so here’s your ride.

Waiting on the light - I think the guy on the phone is ratting me out.

Waiting on the parade to pass

new lapointe_002

waiting on the light – i think the guy on the phone is ratting me out.

new lapointe_004

Yes Officer.

relaxing on bike

Its been a Long day.

new lapointe_003

OK time to get moving on


Jacket/Shirt/Pants/Boots – “Drift Mesh” by Lapointe and Bastchild.

Glasses – Fifty – Primoptic

Hat/Hair – Billy Destroyed – Silver Tones VII

The Ride – Q’s Phantom Bobber v1.91 XL by Q Anwyl

Location – Sandalphon – location designed by Nigel (Riel) Cleanslate.  The setting is very run down urban that Nigel has made available for photos.  Be respectful and pick up after yourself (yes build is on)

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