The Last Show of Molly Bloom (/me gasps)

When I received that notecard in my inbox I was shocked.  I have finally gotten a chance to actually get to the show.  So hurry on over – here is your lift.

This is a beautiful exhibition of the evolution of an Artist with a unique viewpoint/perspective on creating.  Molly’s work is unique in that the finished product is all a result of inworld careful production.  She is a complete artist having learned as many aspects as she can to produce from scratch these amazing works.

First Picture, Faerotica, and building sets
First Picture, Faerotica, and building sets

The next step in the evolution was making poses and learning to control lighting.

First poses and mood lighting.
First poses and mood lighting

Next in her evolution is when I first started watching her development from afar.  Molly’s work took a turn towards dramatic contrasts and shadows.   Molly began creating and producing some really eye catching 3d popping images, combining her knowledge of poses and lighting/shadows.

Second Life Art Is Serious Art 1
Evolution to “3d”

This next set of images from an exhibit at the Rose Gallery is what really drew me into her work.

Second Life Art Is Serious Art 2

These images are captivating in that you look and say WOW she used the lighting to make eveything pop off the page, but then you look close and realize that its a combination of well lite and created images with a combination of 3d pieces added to them to further enhance the illusion.

The last grouping Molly reminds us that SL art should always be fun.

Second Life Art should be fun

I am pleased to relay that from the description of the show this is not the end of us seeing the work of Molly Bloom.  Its just time for her to step back and appreciate where she has been.

Molly and I soon I hope will have a chance to sit down and talk about art, Second Life, life in general.

oh yes one last picture

Molly Bloom
Molly Bloom

So don’t be late – don’t miss your chance to see this beautiful collection – here is your lift again.