Galigear Newness

I love logging in and finding new group gifts in my inbox from my favorite pocket bear – Galileo Michalski of GaliGear. Gali is one of my favorite  casual clothes makers for the Aesthetic male.

It started on Saturday with some new shorts for the Aesthetic male. And then on Sunday another pair.  Oh the benefits of being in a group.

On Saturday there was an announcement also of new stuff in the store.  A great tank in six colors.  Its alternating stripes of color and fishnet mesh to show off those Aesthetic abs.

New From Gali Gear

The shirt is the blue and the shorts are the second group gift of the weekend, Valentines 2016 V2 .:GaliGear:. Available to group members of .:GaliGear:. for the next month.

You can find :GaliGear: on MP.  For those of you liking inworld exploration you can find the .:GaliGear:. main store here.

I am standing on the ledges at Ursa Oceanus Indigo Cove. There is lots to do at Indigo Cove.  Jetskis, hanggliding, and zip lines to name a few.

Until next time – happy shopping and exploring.

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