Second Pride

SP Festival 2016I look forward to Second Pride every year.  It’s a chance to hang out with folks that i don’t get to see alot of during the year.  I have said in the past, Its a chance for the community to get together and have fun in a safe and enjoyable environment.

This years Pride is no different.  The entertainment has been great.  Lots of DJ’s that I don’t get to hear during the year.

The Pride team has managed to pull it off and do it well. They have managed to bring a wide variety of groups, entertainers, and creators into one place to “Show Off,” just the way Second Pride was intended. They have been short handed for a couple of years and this year was no different.  I hope that people will come out and enjoy and help keep the spirit alive for the future and those yet to some to Second Life.

Ride the Rainbow to Second Pride.

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