Travelogue: Beautiful 4 Seasons

So Monday was date night and we went out to explore the lovely ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  ***, created and curated by Inkie (Inkie Loudwater).

Its a lovely coastal community that is having a rough winter.

Fresh Market near the landing spot.
Tasty is a man of many talents – who knew he could play harpsichord.
We took a little break.
That had to be a helluva storm.
Lovely Cabin with some interesting wildlife.
A romantic balloon ride.
Sheep up on the hill.
comfortable seat at the end of our journey.

Until next time.

So re:my stalker

Ok to start I have a very loving husband. We are solid. He has given me a permanent “hall pass” to go play if I want.

So with that knowledge I went to Hubs about a week ago. Was chatting with a decently put together naked avi. We after some chatting we ended up at his place.

In the middle of me banging his ass he puts out there in chat that he is falling in love. Should have been a red flag to tp out. But no. I tried to discourage that idea. But got him on my list for potential future hook ups. 

Well he started IMing me every time he logged in. Told him one night couldn’t talk that my husband was due soon. He asked if he could meet him I said no. Well when tasty logged in he had a friend request from the stalker.

I told tasty what happened he laughed. And stalker is soon to be dumped from my friends list. He can’t see me on line at the moment.

That is all.

Defining one’s self

It’s is hard at times to define one’s self.  Do I do what comes natural to me or do I try to conform to what others expect of me.

This problem is really big in Second Life.  There is always a race to get the newest greatest toy or mesh body part.  Can I just say – Mesh Bodies for the men in Second Life are still in their infancy.  Let it work its way through.  I have to laugh at these guys (or girls – who really knows who is behind the screen) who rush to get the newest greatest or perceived greatest.

It took me months to decide on my first mesh body.  I did my homework.  What were my options for clothing it.  I finally decided on the Enzo body by Aesthetic.  I really liked it and with some painstaking work i was able to come close on matching the texture on the mesh to the texture on my skin.

I decided to use my own SL head because basically the idea of mesh heads for this or any male avatar was still in its starting gate.  It also allowed for a great deal of individuality. But the options for dressing Enzo were very limited.  It was difficult for creators to get what they needed from the creator to be able to create clothes for it.

For those who are not talented enough to create original mesh and used their talents to create textures to go on mesh from full perm makers there was not alot of stuff available.  Everyone was just making variations of the same thing.

And then the explosion of the Enzo head EVERYWHERE. I had finally had enough when I went to a party/dance and saw a half a dozen or more Enzo bodies in different skin tones with the same face.  It was time to change.

I searched out the creator of the old guy skin i was wearing and he helped me get an applier so I could be my old self in the SLINK body.  I think personally my new body is more age appropriate for the skin I am wearing.

My point being – be yourself or what you want to be in SL – dont’t be a lemming.

OK but i digress.  The point of this piece was to discuss flooding groups on flickr with any and every photo you take.

I own or administer several groups on FLICKR that have very definite rules about posting and what is appropriate. I hadn’t been doing my job of reviewing the group pools for some time. I was shocked at what I was finding in 2 groups that are clearing labeled for gay men and 1 that is clearly for guys.  They were flooded with pics of just women.  Don’t get me wrong, we love ya, BUT there are plenty of groups for you to show off in give the guys a few.

So I have been clearing up these groups.  I was shocked at how many groups people flood with their pictures.  One so called photographer (read narcissist) actually flooded over 500 groups with an average photo.  Does being in so many groups inflate your skills and abilities?  So I was doing due diligence and looking at the offenders streams.  If they were just self posing fashion shots then I kicked them out and all their photos.  If they had at least some guy pics i would give them the benefit of the doubt and left them in.  But if they continued poof they are gone.

Ok thats my rant for the day.

Until next time