So re:my stalker

Ok to start I have a very loving husband. We are solid. He has given me a permanent “hall pass” to go play if I want.

So with that knowledge I went to Hubs about a week ago. Was chatting with a decently put together naked avi. We after some chatting we ended up at his place.

In the middle of me banging his ass he puts out there in chat that he is falling in love. Should have been a red flag to tp out. But no. I tried to discourage that idea. But got him on my list for potential future hook ups. 

Well he started IMing me every time he logged in. Told him one night couldn’t talk that my husband was due soon. He asked if he could meet him I said no. Well when tasty logged in he had a friend request from the stalker.

I told tasty what happened he laughed. And stalker is soon to be dumped from my friends list. He can’t see me on line at the moment.

That is all.

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