Attention Whores and other self absorbed photo takers

It really irks me to see all the self absorbed attention whores on Flickr who join every SL related group they can find.  They then drop every image that they create in every group they belong to irregardless if the image is off topic or not.

I have no qualms with posting fashion shot, I do periodically.  Dropping every vanity and LOTD shot in every group you have found is sad.  I manage several groups and have no qualms about banning or removing group offenders with no warning.

I am not going to point any fingers at specific people.   I am going to reference one group that I am not an owner or mod on.

Imagine Peace Tower – Second Life was created to capture images take of the Imagine Peace Tower that was created by Yoko Ono in SL. The sim is long gone but it is hit by tacky vanity shots and LOTD images.

Also the groups commemorating the work of AM Radio have become overrun with the same type of shots.

JUST CUT IT OUT.  Getting your images in the most groups or having the most views doesn’t make you a SLebrity.  Show some respect and post appropriately.

Ok RANT over.

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